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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  September 11, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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september 11 2001. >> ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ >> the day that changed us forever. >> 10 years have passed since that perfect blue sky and mourning turned into the blackest of nights. [bell] >> vincent paul -- >> tonight, we pause to remember the nearly 3000 people who lost their lives today 9/11 10 years later. thank you for joining us for this special edition of abc7 news. i am rebecca cooper. it is a day we will not forget, and today, the entire nation took a moment.
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there were ceremonies this morning at the pentagon, ground zero and shanksville, pa.. the president visited all three sites, and we have coverage of the events. cynne simpson is here. >> the event of the pentagon only allowed about 1000 people inside, and what is interesting is that people came here, on the west side of the pentagon. if you take a look here, you will notice there are media outlets here from all over the world. initially, there were people just came up to be a part for what was happening for all of us. reflection. >> ♪ oh, say can you see ♪ >> the pentagon ceremony were reminded of terrorism. at 9:37 a.m., wives, husbands,
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daughters, and others had their lives changed. >> to remember those who perished. >> vice president joe biden spoke of the memories. >> we recall 148 lives cut short on this, 10 years ago this morning. >> members of the armed services in dress uniform laid flowers on each bench commemorating each person who perished. from tragedy has come triumph. >> a realization that we have something very special in this country, and we have to serve. we have to give back. >> i think what gets me the most is what comes after that, kind of who we are things to them. >> today, with hearts full of gratitude, people watched the ceremony from afar and up close, reflecting on the lessons learned over the decade. >> most of all, living lives and
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living in well. that is a victory. >> ♪ and grace will lead me home ♪ >> what is touching is the people who have come to the memorial a leading flags and mementos. they may not have been people who lost loved ones on 9/11 but people who nonetheless wanted to come out. cynne simpson come abc7 news. >> thank you chynne. -- cynee. it was an eco-friendly -- it was an equal type the in new york city and shanksville pa.. a bell ringing to remember each of the lives.
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it is now seared in the nation's memory. >> oh, my god! >> and now, a new way to remember. thousands gathered to see the names now etched in stone and forever in the hearts of their loved ones. >> i love and miss you, daddy. >> ground zero now, a waterfall fills the hole. there were no speeches. president obama read from psalm 46. >> the god of jacob is our refuge. >> george bush was there along with the first lady, wiping away tears, as some so young reflected on their lives. this was all that was left this date in shanksville, a hollow field of heroes. their spirit symbolized by the smoke rising from the hole left
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behind but today that, too has been replaced with a white marble wall with the names of those aboard flight 93. [bell ringing] in shanksville too the flags were there and the bells were rung. >> ♪ amber waves of grain purple mountain majesties ♪ >> it was the youngest voices that could be heard. and there was an event at the basilica of the national shrine. it was 10 years ago that they presided over a new mast that offers healing. we are live at the basilica with more. >> the cardinal told me that he remembers that day like it was yesterday when he gave that mass
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here at the basilica. this place was packed with thousands of people and many people showed up told me they wanted to be there because they say that this and freedom go hand in hand. for many, this day of reflection and remembrance started at a place of peace refuge and faith. >> when you are at your lowest, the reality strikes for me and for the world. we reached out to christ. >> hundreds have attended the basilica at the national shrine today to hear a powerful message from the former archbishop of washington, who presided over the new mass at the basilica 10 years ago today. >> it was such a wonderful moment of unity, of getting together being with the lord. >> the cardinal told the congregation not to forget of the service and sacrifice of the
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thousands who lost their lives including his relative michael who was a new york city firefighter. >> to die for the rest of us. >> people attended this mass say this terrible tragedy challenged us all to be better citizens, and we remain unified today as we were 10 years ago. >> as americans, we all came together after 9/11, and this shows that we are still strong, that we still want to worship together and have faith together. >> earlier this afternoon they were holding a moment of silence with the ringing of the bells. reporting live abc7 news ju;mmy. -- jummy. we get a special tonight, "9/11, 10 years later,"
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immediately following this program, and then join us for "concert for hope," at 10:00. then we will have a complete wrap of all of the day's events at 11:00. meantime we're following in developing news -- we are following developing new is. authorities say flight 34 landed safely after a disturbance on board. apparently, several passengers locked themselves in a bathroom. the fbi is investigating. the incident, however does not appear to be terrorism related. and still to come on abc7 news increased security on the anniversary of 9/11. it will continue through tomorrow. auf and 10 years later are muslims in our area still feeling a backlash from the actions of a few extremists?
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that is coming up in a live report. i am steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center, attracting some showers, but get ready for a say cheese!
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are you smiling yet? of course you are. especially since the new "let's get cheesy" menu starts at just $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open. heightened security marks the 9/11 anniversary here in the district. the additional police force will continue through tomorrow as police officers continue to work 10-hour shifts. there was concern that al qaeda might launch a 9/11 attack. and police are set up around the city. police are looking inside and under some vehicles and they have been randomly testing some people's identification. officers are the main train station and conducting checks of bags. k-9 units are being used to check for anything suspicious. still to come on abc7 news,
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our coverage of 9/11 continues, with a unique interfaith ceremony held
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and continuing our coverage of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, with the ceremonies held today honoring the lives of those lost on this terrible day 10 years ago, there was one that took on extra significance when it incurred an understanding between christians and muslims. autria godfrey has more. >> people from the christian and muslim faith to work together. on this 9/11 anniversary emotions were as wrong today as they were 10 years ago and they
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say this is why now is the time to embrace one another -- emotions were just as raw today. >> there are tears of joy. sunday morning services at the congregational united church of christ made room on the pew for those from one of the most misunderstood faith. >> charity, a prayer. >> christians and muslims mix hoping to heal the wounds once again raw and in the middle of a peaceful prayer, a jolting reminder of the moment the airplanes struck the pentagon. muslims recall the backlash. for one imam, a personal attack on his wife haunt him to this day. >> someone tried to force her off of the road in the minivan with our children. and yell out of the window, "why
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do you know " -- do not go back to where you came -- why do you not go back to where you came?" >> it was a call for all of us muslims after 9/11. >> and those questions he said, are slowly starting to fade, as is the hatred, as one woman is so big she can pass along. -- is hoping she can pass along. >> what the message of god is. >> an interesting note, in the days following the september 11 attacks, the koran sold out completely on he says it is a dialogue he is always willing to have. live in the newsroom autria
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godfrey, abc7 news. people are remembering that it was a beautiful day then, too, like today. >> it was a nice morning and now some thunderstorms are starting to pop up, and they will stick around for a good part of the evening. in annapolis md., a tropical sky. things will be a lot different in one week. we will talk about that in a moment. 84 degrees at reagan national. it is not 80 at the airport winds out of the north at around six m.p.h.. the weatherbug network, talk about rain, eight tenths of 1 inches so far from ashburn from today's storms. 71 degrees. no rain to speak up in the district george washington university holding at 81 after a high today of 85 degrees. showers and storms, small cells
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moving off to the north and east. this one in leesburg getting ready to move into montgomery county. across the panhandle of west virginia coming into western maryland. the national weather service has now extended the flash flood watch until midnight tonight. it includes the district and surrounding counties but notice off to the west, no watches, no warnings and that is definitely good news. keep in mind that this could change quickly. good to for an update on the flash flood watches in your neighborhood. the satellite radar shows the instability in the mid-atlantic atmosphere. this will stick around for a day or two and then a cold front a rise on wednesday. tropical storm korea winds of 60 m.p.h.. -- tropical storm maria. this will quickly move toward the east and will not impact the mainland united states.
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katia, now on the way to norway. an unbelievable storm. here is our futurecast. a few showers late in the day tomorrow, only about a 20% to 30% chance, the same on tuesday, and the cold front arrives on wednesday. cooler and drier air on thursday and friday. upper 50's to mid 60's tonight. tomorrow, or to mid 80's. how about highs only in the upper 60's by the upcoming weekend? the nighttime lows will be in the 40's in the mountains. on, check out the interactive radar. we have some thunderstorms out there. you may want to take a quick visit. >> for next weekend, perfect football weather. but u.s. and interesting things. >> ok nfl season kicks off today.
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captioned by the national captioning institute let's start off by checking in on the redskins, who are now in the fourth quarter of their game with the giants, the redskins hold onto a lead. we will have a complete wrap of the game tonight at 11:00. up in baltimore ravens stadium, as across the country a collective moment of silence for fans and players to remember those who died on 9/11 on the 10th anniversary. football just the third play of the game the ravens against pittsburgh joe flacco finds the man.
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boldin. flacco with a plate fa -- play fake. on the extra point a fake. he runs it in for the two-point conversion. the ravens domonic 35-7. the eagles their opener against the rams. bradford. park scoops it up and go as many yards with it. a handoff. he finds open space. 49 yards. the eagles win, 31-13. today, the nationals steve and strasbourg. a second start of the season today. -- stephen strasbourg. he only went three innings.
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they were three strong innings. giving up three hits, no walks. struck out of for you are. bottom of the third desmond. and then rick ankiel connects. then ryan zimmerman get his pitch out of the ballpark, and that makes it 8-2. here is the skipper on strasbourg. >> as far as i am concerned it looks like you are -- that is enough for me. >> and a final note, samantha is the 2011 women's champion and the men's play their game tomorrow night jovovich against
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and let's get a final check of the forecast. >> a flood watch tonight. tomorrow mid 80's. the same on tuesday. a cold front arrives midday on tuesday. this will usher in some of the coolest pair of the season. daytime highs by thursday, friday saturday, and sunday in the upper 60's. courier is on the way. you can check it out 24 hours a day -- cooler air is on the way. "9/11, 10 years later" those after the break. -- follows after the break.
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